With the World Cup group stage over and the round of 16 beginning on Saturday, there have been some changes to the odds now that we know the 16 teams remaining in the competition. Brazil, despite not shining, is still the odds-on favorite to win the cup, while Spain, with a manageable path, is second.

The odds for the remaining round of 16 teams from Bet365 as well as lines for those round of 16 matchups in a minute, but make sure to check out SportsLine’s Soccerbot picks for the entire knockout bracket. SportsLine also has their own percentage on odds to win the entire World Cup, and you can see how those match up to the sportsbook odds here.

Without further ado …

Odds to win 2018 World Cup

  • Brazil – 7/2
  • Spain – 4/1
  • Belgium – 13/2
  • England – 15/2
  • France – 8/1
  • Croatia – 10/1
  • Argentina – 12/1
  • Colombia – 22/1
  • Uruguay – 22/1
  • Portugal – 25/1
  • Switzerland – 33/1
  • Russia – 66/1
  • Sweden – 66/1
  • Mexico – 66/1
  • Denmark – 80/1
  • Japan – 125/1


No surprises with the teams at the bottom, except for maybe Mexico. It feels like they have more of a chance than some of the teams above them because of quality, but when you take into consideration their path (Brazil, and if they win, likely Belgium), it ends up making sense. I’m surprised Croatia isn’t higher on the list because they’ve been darn good in this cup, and Uruguay has worse odds than Argentina despite playing better and not yet conceding a goal. 

Only time will tell how this will play out, but it certainly seems like Brazil is correctly the favorite while Spain’s path to the final gives them a very strong shot at making a deep run.

Now let’s take a look at the lines for the round of 16, via Sportsbook.ag:

Lines to advance to quarterfinals

Saturday, June 30

France (-155)
Argentina (+125)

Uruguay (-120)
Portugal (-110)

Sunday, July 1

Spain (-390)
Russia (+295)

Croatia (-255)
Denmark (+205)

Monday, July 2

Brazil (-450)
Mexico (+325)

Belgium (-650)
Japan (+400)

Tuesday, July 3

Sweden (Even)
Switzerland (-130)

Colombia (+125)
England (-165)

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