The widely held assumption after the Buccaneers cut Roberto Aguayo was that the former second-round pick would land in Chicago — the Bears claimed him on waivers — and would be able to clear his head and start banging through kicks again.

Aguayo’s Bears career did not get off in that sort of way. In fact it was the polar opposite, with Aguayo strolling out onto the field to attempt a late 49-yard field goal against the Cardinals and promptly missing in horrific fashion.

The Buccaneers still are not in good shape, even with Aguayo out the door on the latest episode of “Hard Knocks.” It was a necessary move to “rip the band-aid off” but it might not immediately save Tampa. 

For Chicago, they got a free look at a potential quality kicker who was good enough at Florida State to get drafted in the second round. 

But the early returns are not great for the Bears, with Aguayo sending a knuckler waffling across the goal line in horizontal fashion.

It’s easy to wonder if Aguayo just might be in a terrible mental place right now, having had too much pressure put on him in Tampa and not getting a chance to step away from the limelight at all with the claim from the Bears. Kicking is like golf, in that there is a bit of self-fulfillment that happens when misses start piling up. 

And it sure does look like Aguayo is dealing with a case of the yips right now.

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