The Dallas Mavericks are 18-30, four games back of the best-of-the-worst Denver Nuggets for the eighth seed in the Western Conference. Dallas is 22nd in offense and 18th in defense, 23rd in net points per 100 possessions. Their best player is Harrison Barnes. They are short on trade assets and their long-term future is murky as best.

But they’ve also won 7 of 10, including back-to-back wins vs. the San Antonio Spurs and the Cleveland Cavaliers, who have two of the top three records in the league. After the win over the Cavs, Rick Carlisle managed to perfectly, and hilariously, describe where the Mavericks are.

That’s pretty accurate. Of the eight teams vying for the No. 8 seed, all under .500, the Mavericks are the one talked about the least, and yet they play the most consistently. They’re neither very talented nor exceptional in any area, but they play hard and disciplined basketball. That matters. And who knows? With the emergence of Yogi Ferrell, and maybe a trade of Andrew Bogut that could get them some role players, they have as good a chance of anyone at making a run for that final playoff spot.

Rick Carlisle, dropping truth bombs.

That wouldn’t make them a good team, but it would make them the best … er … toilet team of the bunch, and more proof of the culture that the Mavericks have instilled.

But seriously, they’re not good.

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