In 1998, there was Todd Frazier.

In 2018, there is Big Al.

And this week, the Little League World Series celebrities — two New Jersey guys from two different generations — came together on the 20th anniversary of Frazier’s skyrocket to stardom. They did it — wait for it — in Williamsport, where this year’s Little League tourney is unfolding. And it was just one of countless highlights for the older of the two, as Frazier was in town not only for his New York Mets‘ Sunday night Little League Classic against the Philadelphia Phillies but, more importantly, to celebrate his childhood.

More than 10 years before the start of his MLB career with the Chicago White Sox, Frazier was the hero of the 1998 Little League World Series, earning recognition from the New York Yankees‘ Derek Jeter for his 4-for-4 performance in a title-winning game that he also finished on the mound. Twenty years later, the 32-year-old Mets third baseman was back to cherish and honor old friends — when, of course, he wasn’t meeting new ones like Big Al.

When he took the field for the Classic, Frazier donned cleats that featured the last names of his childhood Little League teammates, some of whom surprised him earlier in the summer during Frazier’s own baseball clinic at the Mets’ Citi Field.

“We wanted to try to bring all the kids together for that bond, that friendship (of) playing sports,” he told CBS Sports HQ before pumping up dozens of aspiring players during the 2018 Todd Frazier Clinic at Citi Field this summer: “Let’s go, let’s get after it … and let’s have fun!”  

In between showcasing those, Frazier also reconnected with Bill Castle, who traveled with Frazier’s world-champion New Jersey team during that 1998 run.

He re-watched his own performance from two decades earlier.

And above all, he blended in as one of the boys — not so unlike himself from back in 1998.

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