Tom Brady has won the NFL MVP trophy two times in his career, and if a leaked speech is any indication, Brady could be taking it home for the third time on Saturday. 

Although the Patriots are tight-lipped about almost everything, a reporter for the Grand Forks Herald took a picture on Thursday that appeared to show that Brady’s going to win the MVP Award for the third time. 

In the picture above, the guy on the right appears to be holding Brady’s victory speech. Of course, that might not be Brady’s victory speech at all. It could just be the Patriots covering all their bases, we won’t actually know until the MVP award is handed out on Saturday. 

Although we can’t say for sure that Brady’s going to win MVP this year, the Patriots definitely wrote a “Thank you” speech for Brady. 

So what did the “Thank you speech” say?

Let’s check it out. 


These are the words shared by the Patriots

If Brady does win the MVP, it would be the third time in his career, which is something that hasn’t been done since Peyton Manning won his third MVP in 2008. Manning won a total of five MVPs during his career, which is an NFL record. 

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