Rockets point guard Chris Paul is unlikely to play in Game 7 of the Western Conference finals against the Golden State Warriors on Monday with a hamstring strain, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported. 

Paul, who injured his leg in the fourth quarter of Houston’s Game 5 win on Thursday, will have his status re-evaluated when the team returns home. However, while Rockets coach Mike D’Antoni gave no updates on his status postgame, the initial rumor on him wasn’t positive. 

Paul came up huge in Game 5, scoring 20 points in 38 minutes to help pace the Rockets to a crucial win. 

The Rockets definitely missed Paul in their Game 6 loss to the Warriors. Harden had to rest during a run by Golden State in the fourth quarter and Houston clearly lacked someone that could dominate the ball and score points. The Rockets also had 21 turnovers compared to Golden State’s 10. Paul, one of the Rockets few point guards, sitting out with injury leading to an uptick in turnovers is probably not a coincidence. 

One thing that’s for certain. If Paul can find a way to get on the floor, even if it’s in limited minutes, he is going to play. He is who the Rockets need right now if they’re going to get past Golden State in Game 7.

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