IRVINE, Calif. — Los Angeles Rams’ fans spoke and team executives, along with the NFL, listened.

The uniforms are changing.

This season the Rams will wear their throwbacks, a royal blue and yellow combination, as their primary uniform.

Rams president and chief operating officer Kevin Demoff said the change comes after fans wrote letters and tweets expressing displeasure with the uniform situation in 2017, when the Rams wore what appeared to be mismatched navy-blue jerseys and pants.

“We’ve been talking to the league about trying to wear our throwbacks more often and with the change to the white and blue,” Demoff said. “They understood our fans’ request for why we wanted to wear our throwbacks more. They saw the passion, we sent them all the letters, all the discussion from last year and as they went and re-evaluated uniform policy … they considered that this would be a unique request for our organization to allow us to basically swap out the navy jerseys for our classic jerseys, full time.”

The Rams will no longer wear the navy blue uniforms.

For their first four homes games, including the preseason, they will wear white uniforms and for the next five, starting Sept. 27 with their “Thursday Night Football” game against the Minnesota Vikings, they will wear their throwbacks, which can also be worn for playoff games.

On the road, the Rams will where white uniforms, with exception of their color-rush games at San Francisco on Oct. 21 and against Kansas City in Mexico City on Nov. 19.

Demoff said he expected the uniforms to remain consistent in 2019.

The Rams are expected to roll out new uniforms in 2020, coinciding with the team’s move to its new stadium. Demoff said the new uniforms are in the initial design phase.

“We’re working on that design right now with Nike, the NFL and our local design agency,” Demoff said. “But we’re at the very beginning of that process. We haven’t looked at designs, we haven’t looked at colors. We’re still very much in the brand, logo and concept discussions.”

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