The Celtics and Cavaliers have seen each other for five games now and tension has been building. As a series goes on, the physicality rises and players get sick of seeing each other so often. Eventually all that tension boils over into one moment.

The players who got it all started were Larry Nance Jr. and Marcus Morris. After sending Nance to the ground on a hard foul, Morris stood over him and stared while saying something, which clearly upset Nance. Nance got up and shoved Morris from behind, which led to Terry Rozier coming over to shove Nance. 

The result was not a double tech, but a triple tech:

Nance, Morris and Rozier were the players who received techs in this scuffle. This outcome seems fair because Nance and Morris were the ones who started everything and then Rozier escalated it with a shove of his own. However, some might argue that Rozier was only defending his teammate and shouldn’t have been given a tech as a result.

Sometimes teams get in shoving matches when the stakes are high. Emotions spill over and players lose their cool. Luckily this scuffle didn’t get too out of hand and the players moved on without much issue. It even resulted in a triple tech. How often does that happen?

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