Vince Carter is old enough to be Devin Booker’s father, but they certainly weren’t acting like family on Tuesday night.

Carter and Booker got into a heated exchange during the Grizzlies-Suns game. Booker was getting pretty physical guarding Carter, and the 40-year-old veteran didn’t appreciate it.

Carter decided to get the youngster off his back by throwing an elbow behind him about head-height, which led to a skirmish and resulted in Carter’s ejection.

Luckily Booker’s arm was caught between Carter’s elbow and his own face — otherwise this could have been ugly. To that point, it looks like Carter didn’t actually hit Booker that hard. It looks more like an excellent acting job by Booker, and it worked since Carter was ejected.

Carter comes out of this one looking like the old dude in the gym who gets mad when a younger player starts showing him up. He was probably also mad because Booker wasn’t even two years old yet when Carter was drafted.

Even though he’s a young player in the league, Booker has gained a reputation as a trash talker on the court. So this probably won’t be the last time a veteran gets tired of it and tries to retaliate.

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