Damian Lillard is always capable of a scoring explosion. There isn’t a single spot on the floor that Lillard is afraid to shoot from and he’s confident that, no matter where he is, he can get a bucket. It’s part of what makes him a great scorer.

However, Lillard did something on Friday that was stunning even for him. He scored 50 points. OK, that’s not stunning. He scored 50 points and only needed three quarters to do it. Lillard was on fire from the start and scored 22 of his 50 in the third quarter alone.

Unfortunately for Trail Blazers fans, Lillard didn’t get a chance to match his career high 59 points. The Blazers entered the fourth quarter with a huge lead and the Kings weren’t able to close the gap enough to force him back into the game. He finished with his 50. While this might have been disappointing for some, the Kings seemed pretty happy to not have Lillard re-enter the game.

Considering the pace Lillard was on, if he had kept playing there was a real chance he was going to join the 60-point club before the end of the game. Portland made the smart decision to sit Lillard and avoid injury, but it would have been fun to see him cook just a little longer.

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