Kids are our future, so we have to give them baseballs. That unwritten rule is apparent at every baseball game, which is why there’s such outrage whenever a ball is “stolen” from a child. Whether it’s a foul ball or a player tossing it, sometimes you’ll see adults get just a little bit overzealous shortly before they’re vilified by the internet.

Such was the case when Cubs first base coach Will Venable tried to toss the ball to a young fan at Wrigley Field and he bobbled it. A man just behind the kid snatched it up, and the kid was left without a ball.

The Cubs quickly made up for the highway robbery, giving the kid a ball signed by Javier Baez, so all’s well that ends well.

However, another fan at the game testified for the fan that took the ball in the first place, saying that this man was acting as some kind of baseball Robin Hood.

The internet’s opinion on the man is probably already set in stone, and it’s definitely fair to question him for turning and presenting the ball like it was a rare gem. However, people seem awfully up in arms about a situation they know nothing about. Maybe the man knew that the kid already had a ball. Maybe he was sick of kids getting baseballs and wanted some fair play.

One thing is for certain: Venable was definitely tossing the ball specifically to that kid, so regardless of his intentions, it wasn’t exactly cool. But the kid now has two baseballs, and one of them is signed, instead of two baseball with both unsigned.

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