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Rankings are cool, but tiers provide context you just can’t get from a list of names. 

Here’s what tiers can do for you — they sort players based on expected production and projected draft position. This will help you know where all the strengths and drop-offs are within a position. If you’re up in your draft and the tiers show several players with a similar expectation, you might choose to fill that position later. If you’re up and the tiers show only one player left at the highest possible expectation, you might choose to draft him.

Tiers work great for auctions and drafts alike. They also shouldn’t be taken for gospel — mine are below, but you should take them and adjust them to however your little heart desires! 

Putting players in tiers and using that information during a draft is a secret of the pros. It’s your turn to do the same. 

Here’s the latest version of tiers at wide receiver, both in non-PPR and PPR formats:

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