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Three-time defending Red Bull Global Rallycross champion, former NASCAR Cup and Formula 1 racer Scott Speed has been sent to the iRacing sidelines.

And, if a recent sale of a gaming setup listed on Facebook by Speed for $7,500 this week is any indication, he might be out of the iRacing business.

Speed, 35, was handed a suspension by the powers that be at iRacing — the popular online racing simulator game that attracts serious gamers and even several current and former professional racers — for intentionally crashing other cars out of races. At least two videos of Speed going after other cars during iRace action have surfaced.

Speed does not deny that sometimes his idea of fun doesn’t match that of some other iRacing gamers.

According to The Drive, Speed issued the following statement:

“This is not real life, it’s a game. The penalty for my action if protested against, is a suspension, which I accept[ed] and received. I personally wouldn’t feel like a man protesting a guy who I just accidentally wrecked out of the lead for returning the favor,” he wrote. “But that’s me, and I understand that thinking is not treating iRacing with the appropriate amount of respect and is wrong. For that I sincerely apologize.”


Our advice to Speed is pretty simple. Stick to GRC, where rubbin’ is racin’.


Mike Pryson

Mike Pryson

– Mike Pryson covered auto racing for the Jackson (Mich.) Citizen Patriot and M-Live Media Group from 1991 until joining Autoweek as online motorsports editor In 2012. Promoted to motorsports editor in 2015.

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