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Dale Earnhardt Jr., in his final year as a fulltime driver, has a lot to worry about. In his final full year, he’s struggling on track and in serious danger of missing NASCAR’s playoffs.

In the midst of all that, he has other problems.

Like his Uber rating.

Earnhardt recently used Uber, a popular ride sharing service.  He shared his experience with his fans, the self-proclaimed Junior Nation.  

What troubled Earnhardt however was his rating, a rating used by drivers to determine whether they will pick up someone.  Earnhardt was concerned about his rating, and asked for advice.

Uber quickly chimed in with a tweet showing Junior how to up his rating:

1.    Don’t ask to swap seats with the driver
2.    Less pit stops
3.    Use the doors-no exiting through the window

The company then offered him a him a job, no doubt tongue in cheek tweeting, “New series idea-Dale’s Do’s and Don’t’s. Down to come join our crew?”

Junior replied “Absolutely”

Friday at Darlington Raceway, Earnhardt further expanded on his Uber experience:

“I only rode in an Uber maybe a dozen times and apparently you’ve got to ride in it a certain amount of times before they ever let you see your rating,” he said.  “So, I’m looking we are riding in an Uber and there are about four or five of us in there and they are all talking about their rating. And I look at my phone and my rating it doesn’t come up, so I don’t have my rating in front of me and they are like ‘well, why don’t you have a rating.’ “

“I’m like maybe I haven’t ridden in enough Ubers to have a rating yet and the driver goes, ‘I see your rating it’s 4.0’. And I was like, alright, you know I thought four out of five stars that’s not too bad.  So, everybody in the car is like ‘whoa, my god’ and that is terrible and the Uber driver says yeah, I almost didn’t come get y’all because of that 4.0. Because they can just turn you down, he said he saw that rating and was like I almost didn’t come get you.  And I said I don’t know what… I have been in only maybe four Ubers up to this point.  And so, I guess.”

“I got in an Uber that had a driver that was not a fan of me… that is the only way I can explain it because I’ve not done anything in an Uber … I’ve been pretty reasonable and nice and conversational, so, after that ride my Uber rating did come up and it said 4.1.  So, we rode in maybe six or seven more Ubers over the next four or five days.  Every time we needed an Uber it was with Amy and her family.  I was the one calling it because I was like, gotta get this rating up and everybody on Twitter was like ‘keep us updated’, so I got it to a 4.5 once our vacation was over. But it is a great service, really convenient, I’ve got some more work to do.”

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