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A golf coach from a Wisconsin high school resigned after a swift backlash to his hurling a series of racist tweets at NASCAR driver Darrell “Bubba” Wallace Jr.


Brent Nottestad, a 42-year-old golf coach at Cambridge High School, tweeted at Wallace on Nov. 8, and according to the Cambridge News and Deerfield Independent media outlets in Wisconsin, one tweet read: “Will this fella just go away. Can’t drive himself out of an open wet paper bag. Sad to see the sport let this clown with zero ability.”


Later, he added: “Hey @BubbaWallace. Please quit with, ‘I’m black’ bs. You’re terrible. There are 1423 more credible drivers to get that ride than you.”



“Granny Jan die in a police shooting?” Nottestad wrote.


Finally, Nottestad responded to a picture of a photo of Wallace and a white NASCAR fan: “Almost looks like going to the zoo,” Nottestad posted.


Nottestad told The Associated Press he made “a horrible mistake” and he has removed his Twitter account.


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