It’s May 2 and in the last 24 hours I participated in my first fantasy football draft. Hi, my name is Will and I have a problem. JK, it’s my job! In fact, in this case I was defending a championship, as we do a May draft that’s featured in our CBS Fantasy magazine. (I won last year after going Ezekiel Elliott-Todd Gurley-DeAndre Hopkins. If I was half as smart in August as I am in May, I’d get some predictions correct.) It’s a great barometer not only for where fantasy drafts stand, but also how the rookies who were taken in the 2018 NFL Draft are viewed from a fantasy perspective.

But simply watching a draft unfold isn’t enough. Oh no. We needed the services of Jamey Eisenberg and Dave Richard, both senior fantasy writers on our award-winning CBSSports.com staff (not to mention great dudes and excellent follows on Twitter, see links above), who kindly hopped on the podcast to break down the draft from a fantasy perspective and to dive into some strategy in terms of drafts.

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1. Where should Saquon Barkley be drafted?

“I would take him as early as eighth, most likely 10th. But someone in the back half of the first round,” Eisenberg said.

“He’s going to be a first-round pick whether you like it or not. Something to think about — do you think that Saquon Barkley is going to be the next Ezekiel Elliott, Leonard Fournette, Todd Gurley?” Richard asked. “Most of you are probably nodding your head and saying ‘Yeah, that’s what he’s going to be’ and therefore he is going to go in one of those first 10 picks, probably closer to 10 than one. And I don’t really see a problem with it. I’d probably lean a little closer to 10.”

Jamey astutely pointed out that the first-drafted running back finished fifth (Gurley), second (Elliott) and seventh (Fournette) in standard scoring in their rookie seasons. 

2. Who was the biggest fantasy winner from the draft?

3. Who was the biggest fantasy loser from the draft?

4. Who are some of the second-tier rookie running backs you’re looking at?

This is a DEEP rookie running back class, and there are some really impactful guys at different levels and in different positions. 

At this point we also had a pretty vigorous debate about how long to hold onto rookie lottery tickets and the strategy with long-term fliers. Yours truly was is still nursing a broken heart from David Johnson’s rookie season. 

5. What about the rookie wideouts and tight ends?

Some sneaky impact guys here.

6. Is WR-WR the play at the back end of the first round or should people be looking at some combo of WR-RB?

I’m a big proponent of WR-WR early, especially at the back end of the first round of a draft and mention as much here. Worth noting — and I can’t give anything specific to the magazine away — is that you should probably consider WR-RB or RB-WR depending on how things fall if you’re drafting in the 8-12 range this year. Just throwing that out there. 

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