If you’ve been following the Miami Marlins‘ sale saga, you probably know that there are two groups competing to take over the franchise. One is led by former Florida governor Jeb Bush and future Hall of Fame shortstop Derek Jeter, and the other is led by Tagg Romney (son of former Massachusetts governor Mitt) and Hall of Fame pitcher Tom Glavine.

The two sides are apparently neck-and-neck in more than impressive accolades — they are close in price, too (both around $1.3 billion), according to commissioner Rob Manfred. Here’s what the Associated Press reported Thursday evening:

“There are two bidders, at least, for the franchise. The bidders are in relatively the same place in terms of price, maybe minuscule differences, and they are in fact in the price range that Mr. Loria was looking for,” Manfred said Thursday following a quarterly owners meeting.

Manfred also said the rest of the process is largely between current owner Jeffrey Loria and the two groups — although that’s not entirely true, since three-quarters of the other major-league owners would have to approve any incoming owner.

Whoever wins out, expect the Marlins to have new owners sooner than later — and for their victory to be a narrow one. 

Loria, for whatever it’s worth, has owned the Marlins since 2002, when he paid $158 million for the franchise in a deal that included
giving up ownership of the Montreal Expos
to Major League Baseball. 

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