ATLANTA — Braves left-hander Sean Newcomb has apologized to his teammates for a series of offensive tweets he sent as a teenager.

Newcomb spoke Monday in a meeting attended by players, coaches, manager Brian Snitker and Atlanta staff. Ender Inciarte and Dansby Swanson said players accepted the apology. Each said tweets made public on Sunday did not represent Newcomb’s actions on the team.

Inciarte says Newcomb is “one of the best teammates I’ve ever had.” Swanson says “we’ve got nothing but love for him.”

Newcomb said he spoke Monday with Billy Bean, MLB’s vice president for social responsibility and inclusion, and intends to meet with Bean when the Braves are in New York this week.

Newcomb’s tweets, which included a racial epithet and several gay slurs, emerged after he came within one out of a no-hitter in Sunday’s 4-1 win over the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Hours later, Washington Nationals shortstop Trea Turner issued a statement when some of his own inflammatory social media posts surfaced. Tweets dating to 2011 and 2012 from the then-18-year-old’s account included a gay slur, anti-gay comments and a joke with racist undertones.

On Monday, Turner’s Nationals teammate Sean Doolittle responded to the recent controversies with a lengthy Twitter thread, including a post that read, “We have to start caring as much about the content of the posts as we do about when they were made and how they came to light.”

“Between all the people you meet and the places you go, there is a lot of opportunity for personal growth in baseball,” Doolittle wrote. “It’s entirely possible that those old posts no longer reflect that person’s views. But actions will speak louder than words.

“It’s a reminder that words matter, and that the impact the of words matter more than the intent. Rather than feeling like this platform makes us targets and we have to censor ourselves, find a way to use the platform to lift others up and make a positive impact.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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